Alternative honeymoons

According to the new lifestyle, honeymoons get adapted and alternatives as Maximoons, Babymoons and so on come out.

Buddymoon: British newlyweds are choosing this option, taking a handful of friends on honeymoon (up to 20%. Travelex research). The most popular destinations are Thailand, France, Dubay, Turkey and South Africa. They can even take some family members, that would be called Familymoon. Something positive about it is that´s worth staying in a luxury villa or a sailing boat with more freedom and privacy, and it works out great value if you share cooking.

alternative honey moon by wedsiting

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Maxi or Minimoon: If you´re cash poor or time poor you might want to take a short honeymoon, just few days. It’s as glamorous as a fortnight away, rather than a two weeks into a two star hotel, you could spend two nights in a luxury five star. You can also take a minimoon straight after the wedding and then plan a longer trip on your holiday. You could even hop on Eurostar and have a glass of champagne in Paris in a couple of hours.

alternative honey moon by wedsiting

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The honeymoon could also happen to be the last chance for a “big trip” before a mortgage and children, so some people feel like having a gap period from a month to an entire year combining Asia, Australia and South Pacific, for example.

Adventuremoon: If you´re not into modern luxury travel, and more into a once in a lifetime experience, don´t be timid and push yourselves outside your comfort zone. This can be a bonding experience, you can go trekking, rafting, camping, or even hardcore options such as Iceland “four-day Arctic survival experience” with ice fishing, snow-kitting…

Alternative honey moon by wedsiting

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Babymoon: For those with kids that don´t have the chance to leave them with the grandparents or just prefer to take their little ones with them. You´ll need to take in consideration your children behaviour: if is a good sleeper, eating habits… Our advice is to opt for a hotel that could cater for your children then you will have time to relax, as in some hotels you can pre-order what you´re baby will need, and forget about carrying nappies… Also try not to choose a destinition with much of a time difference, the baby will suffer a big jet lag.

Alternative honey moon by wedsiting

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To help you with those, take in consideration creating a honeymoon gift list, this will help your guests with the present choices.


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