Perfect memories: PHOTOSTREAM

When creating your wedding website with WEDSITING, besides various tools that help you managing, there´s the PHOTOSTREAM, an awesome and hilarious webapp.

What do you thing about projecting life on your wedding´s day pictures that your friends and family take with their devices? Including any other photo galleries that you’ve previously made. You will just need cool people in a fun mood and a phone with data, also a computer with projector in the venue you´re doing the reception.

How can we upload the photos to the web?

You will upload them from a web/app, you can give your guests this link: or using a QR code that will load them direclty.

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The best way to success in this is to create a section on your web to inform your guests and they´ll go prepared with their phones. Some people choose to include this info and the QR code in the invitation or even print out a nice poster for your guests to see when walking in the venue.

We hope you´ll fall in love with the app and enjoy it.

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