Being pregnant is a fantastic moment, and you can decide if do it even more fantastic getting married while you’re showing off your little baby belly. There’s just one little detail you’ll have to change will be finding the perfect dress for that day, you’ll look outstanding and will enjoy that day.

pregnant bride and maternity dresses by wedsiting

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First of all, don’t try to hide your belly, show it of with pride!!! You’re getting married pregnant and blissful.

There are a wide range of maternity dresses for your wedding, designed to get adapted to your curves, every dress can be arranged, so if now you don’t have that much belly but for the wedding day you expect to have more, don’t worry, your taylor will know what to do and adapt your dress few days before the wedding. Your cute baby won’t stop growing!

pregnant bride

Empire waist

This style it is a good option, as it will get adapted to the volume of your belly even if it changes slightly. It is a really comfy style, but don’t go crazy with train.

Pregnant bride and maternity dresses  by wedsiting

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That twenties style is also perfect for you, kind of a flapper style. As it shows, it is a very comfortable design, as it has a really low waist and the top part is quite wide, it’s exactly the opposite of an empire waist dress, but both of them leave your belly free.

Pregnant bride and maternity dresses  by wedsiting

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Short dress

Going for a short dress is also a really cute option, it will make you look the sweetest bride ever. If you are getting married in summer is also a good option, as you will have extra heating, because of your baby. There are awesome dresses with this style, just avoid wearing high heels, and you won’t get tired.

pregnant bride and maternity dresses  by wedsiting

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Above all, smile and enjoy your day, as that will make you look and feel radiant whatever you wear.

Little tips

  • Menu: As you are pregnant there are some things you might not eat or maybe you just “hate” for a while. So have in mind that you will have to plan this ahead when deciding the menu. There are some things you won’t be able to share such as alcohol, seafood andy any raw fish, soft cheeses, and anything your doctor advises against
  •  Honeymoon: be realistic, you deserve double the pampering with wedding planing and baby growing contributing to your overall exhaustion.
    • If flying, check that both destination and return flights are able to take you, most airlines won’t let pregnant women fly after certain period.
    • Be sure your insurance covers any pregnancy complications or even giving birth, also check hospitals in the area you’ll be staying.
pregnant bride and maternity dresses  by wedsiting

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