RSVP was never as easy as with INVITED

When organizing a wedding, there are some tough tasks, so we´ll try to make your life easy.


  • First of all, start with your guests list, task that you thought it was going to be easier that it will turn out being… but after some drafts you´ll make it!
  • Second step: organizing the invitations, RSVP…
  • Last part is to distribute all invitations to your guests.

Most of your guests should live close to you, so you’ll be able to give them the invitation personally. Even if you’re extremely happy to shout out that you’re getting married, after several days of distribution, it won’t be as cool as it seamed; meet your great aunt, have a coffee with her, explain her how your dress is going to look like, she´ll tell you how beautiful you will look, even if it’s your favorite great aunt and you love her, and you love coffee… You won’t have time or energy to repeat this for every single guest.

Now think about all your friends around the world, of course they’re invited to your wedding! The ones that you met at University, the ones you met at Paris when studying French, OH MON DIEU!!! Think about collecting all their addresses to be able to post all the invitations.

But once you’ve all your invitations delivered, there’s a question that doesn’t let you sleep, everyone will come? when would they confirm? OMG you can’t start with the seating plan until everyone RSPV!

DON’T PANIC, Invitedd is the solution that will make it really easy.



If you and your guest have Internet, WhatsApp or any other social network you have the clue.

It’s easy and quick, with your names and an email address to receive RSPV, system will give you an URL address, where your guest will confirm, so you just need to print it in your invitation, and they will access to confirm.

This tool will help you managing your wedding and will avoid any hassle, and the best is that IT’S FREE! Can you resist???

If you prefer you can make transform that URL into a QR code, and it´ll look nicer in your paper invitation.

Give it a try and let us know how useful it’s for you!


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