Tips to create your wedding site

Organizing a wedding entails stress many times, in Wedsiting we facilitate the task by getting closer to your guests. Creating a site for your wedding can be fast and simple, without compromising an exquisite design.

Because our guests must be informed of all relevant points of the wedding, today we give you a hand with some tips of how to design a perfect wedding site.

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So lets find out some tips for a spectacular wedding site!!!

A simple name

Less is more, choose an easy address for your site. Your names will be always used by default followed by, but we give your the possibility to customize and shorten it, use .com or .info. It must be easy to remember for all your guests. For example, Keep in mind that accents and strange characters are not supported.


The aim of the site is provide information, because it’s very important to tell your guests venues  and times where they need to go, since surely not all guests are locals. You do not want anyone to miss anything and be on time.

Add interactive maps of ceremony and reception venues, as well as the website, coordinates for GPS and a couple of photos to recognize the building.



Where to stay

If any of your guests needs accommodation, offer them a list with convenient hotels. They´ll trust your recommendation, but anyway try to add a few so they can choose. Just with a link, distance from the reception venue, some photos and the phone they´ll be able to decide and do a reservation.

Maybe you can also arrange a special price if most of your guests are looking for accommodation.

Your story

Guests are family or friends so they know both of you, but everyone likes to read a great love story, a bit about you, so tell them a bit about you in your customized section. This can be a really cute detail for your guests and also your partner.


We want to meet you and live your happiness. Apart from the gallery, you can upload photos for each section. For example in your own section you can load photos since you were a kid, with your guests, with your BFF, your favorite places or trips, your pet, etc.

The best is that, if you want, you can stream life all this photos the day of your wedding, what would be the perfect detail for your guests.



Online invitations

We make your life easy, you can safe time by sending wedding invitations online and they can RSPV also online, so you´ll always have an updated list.

When you´re creating your guest list you can add notes or comments, for example if they need a specific diet, kids…

Use also this lists for any other event, such as hen parties, a pre-dinner with your friends, or any other event. Options are infinite.

The best is that Wedsiting is FOR FREE!



 “Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.” 
― Alfred Tennyson ♥♥♥

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