Which wedding style would you go for…?

Would you prefer a religious or a civil ceremony?

You´ve decided you’re getting married, but have you agreed on the type of ceremony you want? In the case you still haven’t decided yet, you need to reach an agreement. You´ll need to consider several issues, such as ideology, different family or personal circumstances, etc.

Which wedding style would you go for by wedsiting

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Here´s some general information for you to make your decision easier.

You can get married or enter into a civil partnership in he UK if you are 18 or over (in Scotland you won´t need parental permission if you´re under 18) and free to marry.

From 29 March 2014, same sex couples can get married in England and Wales. You can only get a civil partnership as a same sex couple.

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What you need to do?

There are 2 steps, first give notice to your local register office and then have a religious or civil ceremony at least 16 days after giving notice. If you want to get married abroad or your marrying in the UK if you live abroad, you´ll need to tell your register office to get some more info.

There are some documents you’ll need to bring at least 2 of these to your register office: Passport, birth ertificate, driving license, national identity card, immigration status document, and a proof of address dated withing the last 3 months. Then pay the £35 fee.

In case you´re divorced or widowed you will also take a decree absolute or final order or the death certificate of your former partner.


A religious wedding can take place at a churc, chapel or other registered religious building.

Same sex couples can´t get married in an Anglican Church, but in other religious buildings if the religious organisations allows you and if the premises has been registered for the same sex couples marriage.

The most common ceremonies are:

- Anglican marriages: you´ll need to contact your local church. You won’t need to give notice with the register office, they´ll do it for you.

- Jewish and Quaker marriages: You need to give notice at least 16 days before to your register office. Officials performing the marriage will register marriages.

- Marriages in all other religions: You´ll also need to give the 16 days before notice and, if the official performing the ceremony is not authorised, either a Registrar must attend the ceremony or you need to have a separate religious and civil ceremony.


You must exchange some formal workding if you are getting maried, you can discuss this with the person conducting it. The ceremony can include readigns, songs, music, vows… but nothing religious.

You will need two witnesses tnat will sign the register with you and your partner. This will have a cost of £45 (depending on the venue this can vary) and £11 for certificate costs.

The venues can be a register office, any venue approved by the local council (ex.Hotel) or a religious premise where permission has been given and approved by the local authority.

We hope we’ve hepled you deciding about your wedding, nowadays any kind of ceremony is usually as charming and emotional as the traditional ones, sso once you’ve decided you can start planing your personal touch for the ceremony.

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